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Here you will find the prices of some of the services we offer.

Corporate Services

Open a Corporate Entity


Apply for an EIN number


501c3 Tax Exempt Application (Form 1023-EZ)


501c3 Tax Exempt Application (Form 1023)


Apply for Charitable Solicitation License


Renewal of Charitable Solicitation License


Tax Filing Services




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Grant Management

Grant Management

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Fiscal Sponsorship

Fiscal Sponsorship

Maximum 10% of income for Model A; Maximum 7% of income for Model C

Fiscal Management

Setup Fees


Bookkeeping with Monthly Reports

Starting at $199 for basic bookkeeping for one account under 50 transactions

Catch-Up on Previous Year's Bookkeeping

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Accounts Payable & more

Starting at additional $249/month

Develop Organizational Budget

Starting at $195 for startups

Audit Preparation

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Grant Writing / Research

Grantstation - Do Your Own Research


Develop a Grant Budget


Short and Sweet


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We will RESEARCH our grant databases and find at least 5 or more funding opportunities for your organization to apply to.  We will provide you with our results including funder contact information, application cycles and deadlines, websites, and grant funding initiatives with timelines.

Included is complete Grant Writing for foundation grant application.  The one we write will be decided between us.  Time will be used answering application questions, editing and drafting the narrative, and providing a completed application for you to submit.

Bottom Line Results:
10 hours of research; minimum of 5 funding sources; Research Report, 1 completed foundation grant application.

Excludes data/stats research, program development and a full comprehensive budget.

Jam Packed


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Grant Writing, Research and Proposal Development are defined as activities needed to secure grant funds including funder prospecting, program development, grant writing and budget development.

What we will do:
This time will be used on conducting on-going funder prospecting, vetting of each prospect, Zoom Meetings, creating and integrating strategy, work plans, timelines, prepping outlines to develop grant proposals and related documentation, editing written proposals, drafting new proposals, guiding communications w/funders, and other related tasks.

Time will be spent with the client, grant writer, and other team members at GI as needed to complete deliverables including weekly offline meetings/emails/check-ins with GI project manager overseeing the projects. Included is a research report defined as a report of funder contact information, website, name, initiatives, and application procedures to be used to apply to grant opportunities for the organization. Funding reports may include corporate, foundation, or government funding.

Letters of Intent (LOI’s)


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Letters of Intent is a 4 week, 5-step process that will help us create a blueprint of funders who are interested in your programs and projects.

What we will do:
Step 1: General research list of foundation and corporate funders who have funded programs and projects similar to yours in the past.
Step 2: Draft an engaging letter to the funders.
Step 3: Send LOI’s via email on a specific date/time when open rates are at their peak.
Step 4: Track responses to build out the blueprint over the next 2 weeks.
Step 5: The final deliverable is a comprehensive excel spreadsheet aka ‘Funding Blueprint’ of all found funding opportunities we can actively pursue.

Ink Sessions (Let’s Work Together)

$275 per session

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Ink Sessions are defined as one-on-one online work sessions, where we put “pen to paper” (digitally) and work alongside your organization on actionable next steps to get you grant ready.
What we will do:

We’ll support you on the creation, preparation, and submissions of grant proposals, budgets & budget narratives, and funder prospecting. Using Zoom and Drobox. Sessions will be 1 hour of live work sessions, and up to half an hour of time before or after session for us to provide follow up, resources, edits, notes and feedback as needed.